Over 300 000 customers in Europe.
More than 1.5 million precious family movies and 15 millions slides digitised in the former Kodak european industrial centre.

Video tapes order

1 I select the quantity of video tapes to transfer

/ video tape

2 I select the video output(s) you wish to have

You can select several options
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    This price corresponds to the engraving costs from a tape to DVD. A DVD may contain several cassettes according to their terms.
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    HDD Western Digital*
    File formats:
    - Mpeg-2
    - .AVI only if you choose mounted files

    *Non-contractual brand
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    By selecting download link, you’ll receive by email a link to download directly all your videos and/or images to your computer, touchtab, smartphone. (MPEG-4 file for films and JPEG for images)
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    If you choose additionaly the hard disk option, the mounted files will be saved on your hard disk.
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    USB Flash Drive, capacity 25hrs of films (MPEG-4 file) or 30,000 pictures/images (JPEG file). For increased storage, choose the Hard Disk option.
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    The titles of your films can be printed on your DVDs (maximum of 40 characters per title). Please number each film, then print a list of titles associated to each number and include it in your shipment.

3 I send my family memories

2 shipping and delivery options :
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    Secure courier service . UPS picks up your parcel your home or workplace. The return of your parcel with tracking is included in this package .
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    Self-organise the shipment of your tapes, negatives or other materials or drop them off in our Central London location. The return shipment will be organised via UPS to the address of your choice.