Over 300 000 customers in Europe.
More than 1.5 million precious family movies and 15 millions slides digitised in the former Kodak european industrial centre.
Digitising photos

Digitising photos

Tedeo scans your photos to make it easier for you to store them and share them with family and friends.

Ordering is easy

To make billing easier (and to prevent errors),
Tedeo invoices in batches of 100 photos.

Accepted formats

- any photo measuring between 6x6 cm (minimum) and 13x19 cm (maximum)
- the photos must be sent individually (we do not scan photo albums)



Lab processing

- scanning in 600 dpi
- double-sided scanning making it easier to remember the details of a photo

Recovery files

Our rates include the following recovery files:
- double-sided JPEG HD files for photo printing, storage and editing (600 dpi) - low-resolution JPEG files for emailing or posting on the Internet
- a slideshow is included so you can view your images on a DVD player